Our focus is the energy utilities we serve

We know first-hand what keeps electric utility leaders and employees up at night. IT services today are high stakes, our clients need a partner as invested as they are in their company, community, and future.

We know the nuances of providing security assessments, strategies, data analytics and technologies to utility and energy providers, and we know how critical security is to our partners. 

Cyber attacks on energy providers are more than a nuisance, they threaten national security. And they are increasingly prevalent.

Energy landscape


Meet the BrilliT Team

Our team is staffed with the leading experts focused on data analytics and information technology. With our unique skill sets and backgrounds serving the energy industry we partner to provide solutions for your energy utility so you can make data-driven decisions and provide the best tools and resources to your teams.

We listen. Our networks are full of smart, dedicated people. We stay attentive and read between the lines. 

We understand. We know what is at stake when utility providers are compromised — not just technology, but people too. 

We solve. We never stop looking into the future to keep our clients prepared. We are constantly looking for new solutions, trends and threats.


John Hewa

John Hewa, P.E., Dr. Eng.
President & CEO

Peter Muhoro

Peter Muhoro, Ph.D
Executive Vice President 
& General Manager


Stephanie Harbrecht

Managing Director - Business Development & Operations

Bret Elliott

Managing Director - Information Technology & Cybersecurity

Doug King

Director - Cyber & Information Security Officer

Eugene Hamrick

Director - Enterprise Analytics & Innovation

Todd Jordan

Director - Information Systems & Business Solutions


BrilliT’s leadership has decades of combined experience in both the energy and IT industries. The team is excited to establish partnerships nationwide, while continuing to offer unparalleled support to our primary client - Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC). BrilliT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of REC.